I-V Curves and PV Performance Verfication Kit


I-V Curves and PV Performance Verfication Kit   

Hibah Kemenperin 2015

Measures and displays I-V and P-V curves and key parameter values.
Advanced built-in PV models provide immediate PV performance checking.
Database of more than 10,000 modules, with automatic updates.
Automates data management, analysis, and reporting.
Measures string-after-string, combiner-after-combiner, without overheating or slowing down your measurements.
Clear, colorful, touch-capable software runs on your tablet or notebook PC, providing rich insight into PV performance.
Accurately measures high-efficiency modules and strings.
Wireless interfaces for faster setup, safer work environment, and freedom of movement during PV troubleshooting.
Electrical Specifications
PV voltage: 0-1000 V DC
PV current: 0-20A DC
Measurement sweep time: <250 ms
Voltage accuracy (0 to 55 C): +/-0.5% +/-0.25V
Current accuracy (0 to 55 C): +/-0.5% +/-40ma
I-V trace points: 100, 500
Wireless sensor range: >300 ft
Operating ambient temperature: -10 to 65 C (14 to 145°F)

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